Social Media Links

Today SEO is all about interaction with social media - Google+, Facebook & Twitter

Both Google and Bing confirmed that they track publicly shared links on Facebook and Twitter. Therefore it is so important to include social media into your SEO link building.

Gone are the days of just getting back links from directories, blog commenting, forum posts etc. You need to invest in social media links which link back to your website.


These are the 4 social media metrics:

Google+ and SEO


Twitter and SEO


Facebook Shares and SEO

Facebook Shares

Facebook Likes and SEO

Facebook Likes

Ahrefs the SEO industry tool for measuring the total number of back links to a website now includes in its metrics – social media backlinks.

It is not just about how many backlinks you have   Red Arrow Pointing Down
you need these 4 metrics as well Red Arrow Pointing Down



Are you ready to join the SEO social media revolution?


  • Social Media SEO Packages

  • Number of BacklinksNumber of Backlinks
  • Keyword - Anchor TextKeyword - Anchor Text
  • TwitterTwitter
  • Google+Google+
  • Facebook SharesFacebook Shares
  • Facebook LikesFacebook Likes
  • Average Completion TimeAverage Completion Time
  • PDF ReportPDF Report
  • Starter Package

  • $99

  • Number of Backlinks1,550
  • Keyword - Anchor Text1
  • Twitter1,000
  • Google+100
  • Facebook Shares100
  • Facebook Likes350
  • Average Completion Time21 Days
  • PDF Reportyes
  • Business Package

  • $199

  • Number of Backlinks3,450
  • Keyword - Anchor Text2
  • Twitter2,500
  • Google+200
  • Facebook Shares200
  • Facebook Likes550
  • Average Completion Time35 Days
  • PDF Reportyes
  • Professional Package

  • $299

  • Number of Backlinks4,950
  • Keyword - Anchor Text3
  • Twitter3,450
  • Google+300
  • Facebook Shares400
  • Facebook Likes750
  • Average Completion Time60 Days
  • PDF Reportyes