The “Like” feature on Facebook is quite easy. Liking something is a mode of communication where a person can express his acceptance, agreement or his appreciation to the one who posted it. This simple feature is a very powerful tool designed by the Facebook in terms of marketing. Any user who likes a business page, in turn, lets his friends know that he likes your business which in a way is nothing but just a promotion of the business.

This feature of liking something came into a roll from the year 2009. The social networking was viral in nature then and so the brand and the product exposure on Facebook grew exponentially. ‘Like’ was used to support something. Burberry and Levi’s have more than ten million likes and all that it shows is that they are popular among people.

A group or a page’s success is beyond the number of likes it gets on Facebook. Let us know how effective it is in the real sense.

Isn’t it significant to comprehend the supremacy and the influential level of these ‘Likes’ on Facebook?

Understanding Facebook Likes

Gain Knowledge on the Building of the Brand

The feature ‘like’ in Facebook helps in spreading the awareness of the brand. The business and the content of the page reach more people as the number of ‘likes’ increases. The performance of ‘likes’ is very closely connected to the performance of the business.

People Talk About This (PTAT) is a feature on Facebook that strictly monitors and calculates the overall engagement level of the accounts that was liked. It rejects the accounts that are idle and considers only the ones that are active while scoring. This feature helps in analysing the number of followers that are active and also helps in working on attracting and retaining the customers. PTAT score increases the level of sales and the level of the brand.

The number of likes increases based on the quality of the content. And the quality of the content holds on to many loyal customers. This feature helps in building a strong relationship with the customers.

Beware of Merchants Who Outsource ‘Likes’

There are many merchants who target the business owners having a Facebook business page. They claim to get more likes for them. In the urge to build huge followers, these business page owners outsource to increase the number of ‘likes’.

These merchants hire people for few pennies to like the pages and the contents too. But those people are the ones who are not interested in the business and so they show no interest in interacting with the group. These bot likes and fake accounts are not considered in the PTAT score and hence the entire process of outsourcing goes in vain. Only ever use reputable companies such as 1 Million Fans to carry out your social media

Learn to Target the Audience

Facebook does a decent job of hitting many individuals for the amount paid. You cannot expect to see the result by the end of the day. It takes a little time but succeeds in reaching the target audience.

The Facebook’s inbuilt advertising system is very effective and reduces the cost of advertising to a great extent. Plan to post the contents at an appropriate time. Posting it when the majority of the users are active could be the best possible way to gain more attention. Analyze the preference of the fans and determine the posting accordingly. Use links, videos, and images and make sure you do not have the same style of presentation. Show variation in your content and you are sure to see a variation in the number of likes. Keep buying Facebook likes and more Facebook fans at lower costs and keep growing bigger. All the best!