Buy followers on Instagram: A hush-hush secret to popularity

“Popularity is not an indication of your quality, but it can definitely increase your followers.” Isn't it true? People generally like to follow those who stand apart from others. If given a chance, you will definitely use various methods to come to limelight. Nowadays, online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and others have come up to become active portals where you can easily gain followers and hence, popularity. And what more! You can buy followers on Instagram with as less as $15. If you are curious to know how buying Instagram followers can increase your popularity in online platform, check out [...]

Buy plays on SoundCloud: Start off your musical journey!

Friend: “Beethoven has always been magical. But some of the current musicians are equally enigmatic. Wish the world could hear them!” Well, gone are the days when noticing talents was a distant issue. With the option to buy plays on SoundCloud, you can get a chance to place your music on the social media platform, thereby making it viable for a considerable section of listeners. Well, what’s with YouTube then? After all, it has such a huge set of followers and ensures immediate publicity. The answer rests in the fact that with SoundCloud, the amount of engagement of specific musicians is quite [...]

Buy Subscribers, get the marketing strategy and flourish your business on YouTube!

If you are reading this, it means that you are obviously interested in promoting your business on social media. First of all, congratulations! Confused? Let me explain expert’s take on this. If you are actually planning to promote your business online on YouTube, then you will witness a remarkable marketing progress in really short period! So, the process, in short, is ‘upload – buy subscribers – make a profit!’ But why is ‘buying subscribers’ required? This is nothing but the best marketing secret! Yes, all YouTube videos are ranked according to the number of views and subscribers. Now, you know the importance [...]

4 reasons why photo contest Facebook is an effective marketing strategy

Who doesn’t love contests? And winning one over a social network is correctly on the rise. Wouldn’t it be best if you come to know about few tips and tricks that you could use to generate heavy traffic to your Facebook page? And what if I tell you that photo contest Facebook can be an effective marketing strategy for your business? Sounds enticing, isn’t it? If you want to know how photo contest on Facebook can become your media marketing toolkit, check out the information here. 4 reasons of photo contest Facebook as effective marketing strategy Substantial data sharing method “Everything [...]

Buy real Instagram followers

We get asked a lot of questions here at 1 Million fans and here are the answers to 4 of the most common questions before people buy real Instagram followers. Social networking sites have always been the hot favorites of people of every generation. People were crazy about Facebook and Twitter until the day Instagram entered in the spotlight. For a majority of people like you and me, likes and followers have great importance for both personal and professional life. But, many of us aren’t aware of the fact that we can actually buy real Instagram followers to increase the importance [...]

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Ideas on Getting More Facebook Likes for Small Business Owners

Getting more Facebook likes - everyone assumes that marketing through social media is an effortless process but the truth is that it demands a lot of effort. The effort does not mean in terms of tweeting regularly or staying active all time; rather it is valued by the amount of time engaged and the quality of the content shared. It is a process of trial and error and the best-suited mode of communication could be determined only by applying and seeing the outcome.  It requires a lot of endurance and brilliant time management skills and has to be regulated on a [...]

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An Understanding of the ‘Like’ Feature on Facebook

The "Like" feature on Facebook is quite easy. Liking something is a mode of communication where a person can express his acceptance, agreement or his appreciation to the one who posted it. This simple feature is a very powerful tool designed by the Facebook in terms of marketing. Any user who likes a business page, in turn, lets his friends know that he likes your business which in a way is nothing but just a promotion of the business. This feature of liking something came into a roll from the year 2009. The social networking was viral in nature then and [...]

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Facebook Advertising Tips & Making the Marketing Effective

Online marketing and Facebook advertising are very tightly linked to each other. Every individual who is involved in online marketing targets Facebook advertising the most. There are many reasons for this choice. Facebook advertising has the possibility to change an individual’s business and to get in touch with potential customers without hurting the budget. Facebook reaches about one billion people quite effortlessly. It costs vary but brings in a great effect in the reach and its response to the business. Before opting for Facebook advertising, it is essential to understand the working of such. It is better to know them before stepping in rather than [...]

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Establish your brand – buying Facebook likes can help

Facebook has been named as one of the most famous social networking platforms all over the world. It gets nearly two million new visitors every month which is enough to prove its popularity and the value of the title. In Facebook, users are hooked into using its popular feature “Like” which is mainly used to express that a user supports a certain status, post or a picture. Having a huge number of Facebook likes in respect of a brand has been compulsory in today’s age as it is considered to be an effective way that signifies the fame and popularity of [...]

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Four ways to market a Facebook page for a business

So, you are finally done with the effort of creating a Facebook page for a business, but here lies the main question - how you can drive maximum traffic to your page and gain likes and followers. Well, that’s not an easy task at all. But, we can help you getting it done in an easy way. Read on to know about the four ways to market a Facebook page for a business. Let’s have a look at them – Four ways to market a Facebook page for a business Promote it through Facebook advertisement system Facebook has its inbuilt advertisement system that you [...]

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