Facebook Followers

Originally on Facebook these followers were called subscribers and then a couple of years ago change this to Facebook followers. This attribute is only for PERSONAL accounts and you have to turn it on in your account setting.

Buy Facebook followers and you are buying real targeted Facebook followers. If they didn’t want to follow you or like your business, they would not agree to “follow” you!

These will be Facebook followers from a variety of countries from around the world, that will “follow” your page. These Facebook followers will be receiving your status updates, visiting your website and potentially purchasing your products or services. Every time you post on your wall it will show up on their page. This is one of the best ways to promote your Facebook personal page.

Why Buy Facebook Followers?

This new attribute gives everybody the chance to increase there fan base on their personal page, and with that, create and connect more awareness about you and your statuses. By having a large number of real human Facebook followers in your Facebook profile will achieve great value. By having all these followers your friends, family and colleagues will see you are very popular this will of course create a domino effect and you will get much more natural Facebook followers because of your sheer numbers when you buy Facebook followers. This in turn will give your personal profile the authority and demand it respects.

We know that Facebook rates your profile by how many Facebook followers you have and to decide who should be displayed in its suggestion feed. We can give you many reasons and benefits to buy Facebook followers  so do yourself and your profile a big, big favor and let 1MillionFans do all the hard work for you.