Why Buy Facebook Fans? Frequently Asked Questions

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Question – What’s the Difference Between a Facebook Fan and a Facebook Like?

Answer – They are simply the same. Before the “like” button was invented (January 2006), Facebook had a button that read “Become a Fan” instead. This was around the development of fan pages. As a result, the term “fans” have always been used to address people who “like” a fan page. Once the Facebook user has “liked” the page, he or she is now a fan, and by keeping updated and fresh content on your Fan page, your new fans will comeback and revisit, time and time again.
Question – Why should I Buy Facebook Fans?

Answer – Buying Facebook fans is the perfect way to build credibility and establish your presence on the web. When users see your large following, they put their doubts to rest and invent reasons that convince themselves to invest in YOU.
Question – When I Buy Facebook Fans Will I See Them Immediately?

Answer – Yes, you will see your Facebook fans grow almost immediately after we begin your campaign. Your Facebook Fans/Likes will grow within approximately 24-48 hours after we start your campaign. If for example you order 5,000 Facebook fans, these would be added daily over a 14 day period.
Question – How Do You Get all These Facebook Fans?

Answer – We have access to millions of Facebook users, and we invite these users to your page in order to provide you with your required number of fans. The Facebook fans who like your page, means they are interested in you or your company, product, brand, service or name. Invited fans who are not interested simply do not reply to our initial invitation to visit your Facebook Fan Page.
Question – Why Hire Us?

Answer – We know the critical importance of using Facebook to increase your brand awareness and profits. We also know how critical time is so we make it very easy for you to get your Facebook marketing solutions taken care of promptly. It is no secret that when you increase your Facebook fans (also known as ‘Likes’) you increase a greater base of people you can directly market your products and services to.
Question – Why Choose Facebook Marketing Over Other Online Advertising?

Answer – Facebook has over 910 million users and over 50% log in daily. No other form of advertising can give you this kind of advertising reach.. Once you have generated your Facebook fans, you can advertise to those fans as many times as you need to. Facebook has built in mass messaging and news feeds that allows you to link directly to your website, photos, videos and just about any other media. Facebook marketing is probably the cheapest and most effective forms of advertising currently available online.
Question – How Much Does It Cost to Buy Facebook Fans?

Answer – Here is the page with prices – Buy Facebook Fans
Question – Do You Need my Facebook Password When I Buy Facebook Fans?

Answer – No
Question – Are you Affiliated with Facebook?

Answer – No. We are in no way affiliated with Facebook.
Question – Do you need Administrator Access to my Fan Page if I Buy Facebook Fans?

Answer – No. We do not need access to your page if you are ordering fans.
Question – What forms of payment do you accept?

Answer – We accept Mastercard, Visa or for larger number of fans, we offer a Bank Wire transfer. This also includes a Pro Forma invoice if required.
Question – Have More Questions, Comments or Concerns?

Answer – Feel free to contact us with any concerns you may have, we are always happy to help and look forward to being your #1 source for all of your Buy Facebook Fans needs. Go ahead and now get some serious Facebook Fans on your fan page.