In order to enhance your campaigns on social media marketing, you need to monitor, scrutinize, and work several significant social media metrics. Several of the social media influence and engagement metrics you have to regularly analyze as part of your SMO (social media optimization) approaches include mentions, clicks, replies, and re-tweets which you can obtain via your campaigns on Twitter.

Often, re-tweets are the most challenging to enhance. However, they are the most important campaign objectives which you have to establish.

The Importance of ReTweets

A retweet is a Twitter function in which a user is permitted to share the tweet of another. Re-tweeting is a means to share news. However, above that, it helps to stir conversations and find new people on Twitter to follow. A retweet’s value is the viral effect it provides a message and it impact on the ensuing boost in other metrics like mentions, clicks, and replies.

Via social media optimization, you have to track the number of re-tweets which you’re receiving weekly or monthly. You should also monitor for longer terms in order to quantify your total month-to-month and year-to-year metrics and conversions. All these figures help in determining if your content has reached the appropriate communities and if it’s important to them.

Now, there are several things you need to be certain, or try, to abridge the process and boost the chance of the re-tweet

• First, the content of your tweet should be interesting or appealing.

• You need to ensure that your original tweet is not more than 120 characters long and try to keep 25 characters of available free space. If someone will re-tweet your tweet, Twitter will add “RT @YourTwitterName to the post. It is extremely significant that you have the space. Well, there may be some people who don’t mind editing the original tweet to have it fit the character limit. However, there are those that find it very inconvenient. Moreover, making use of short URLS for your links helps in reducing the total post length.

• If you plan to incorporate a URL in your tweet, you should provide the community with some information about what they can expect when they click the link. This is solely for security purposes. You can probably add a descriptive word such as video or picture.

• In Twitter, a hash tag helps in identifying you’re your tweet or content. Hash tags are like meta-keywords for twitter. However, hash tags can be messy and make some tweets hard to read. So, only use a hash tag only once. You should always remember that you are aiming to keep your message or content as short as possible.

• If you start your message with a @SomeonesTwitterName, it will likely not get re-tweeted as it is a reply directly to someone.

• There are times when it is okay to ask for a re-tweet. However, if it becomes a habit, it is undesirable.

• You should re-tweet some of your follower’s tweets. Remember, some of them will re-tweet your posts in return.

• Build a partnership with some of your followers and colleagues in order to organize some of your posts (tweets) and help in promoting each other. However, you need to try to work with “tweets” or people on Twitter who have similar or same niche as yours. With this, your deliberate partnership exchange can reach the appropriate communities.

• Don’t forget to thank the tweets who re-tweeted your posts. If possible, thank them individually.

What about Other Social Networks?

Of course, tweeting and re-tweeting is exclusive terms used in Twitter. However, the primary idea there is sharing content or posts. On Facebook, one can share a status post by just clicking on the “SHARE” button. “Share” and “Re-Tweet” are two of the most significant and influential tools in SMO (social media optimization).

It is like the viral marketing strategy, word of mouth. However, these are done online. If you are searching for means to boost your messages or posts are shared, you have to keep it appealing, short, and simple.

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