How it Works


How we add Facebook Fans or Facebook Likes to your Facebook page


We have a worldwide network of websites, blogs, Facebook fan pages, groups, and profiles with millions of Facebook users. We advertise your fan page on our network to acquire the number of fans/likes you’ve purchased. Some people will like your page or your company, product, brand, service or name and some will not. We’ll continue to add fans until we reach the number that you ordered. All fans that like your page will be real, active Facebook users.

  • We do not use automated bots every single fan is contacted by human marketing.
  • We strictly adhere to the Facebook compliant marketing terms of use.
  • If you order 1,000 fans, then you will get 1,000 real, active Facebook users added to your page – not just 1,000 invites sent out!
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How it Works

1. Decide How many Facebook Fans you want to buy РChoose the number of Facebook Fans at Buy Facebook Fans .

2. Complete your order at the Checkout – You can buy your Facebook Fans in various ways. We accept credit cards – Mastercard or Visa or via PayPal.
**Note: Please make sure you enter your fan page url on the checkout page**

3. Confirmation – We will send you a confirmation email notifying you that we have received your payment, and confirmed the url of your Facebook page that you entered during checkout.

2. Set Up – We will begin setting up your Facebook fan traffic campaign. This will take us about 24-36 hours. We have to gather users in our network that fit your specific targeting/niche needs.

3. The Campaign Starts – We start promoting your fan page throughout our network.

4. New Fans – You will start seeing new fans joining your page virtually straightaway. Please note: Some campaigns will take much longer than others! A few determining factors are: the topic of your Facebook page, the number of likes you already have, and the number of likes you have ordered.

5. Completion – Your traffic campaign will be considered finished once we have added all the fans you ordered. At this point you may reorder a larger package to continue the success of your social presence.

Please do not run any other campaigns at the same time as ours, in order for us to keep an accurate count.

If you are ready to go forward and increase your Facebook Fans, please follow this link Buy Facebook fans.