Have of you heard of getting real Instagram followers? Well, opening your first business venture can no doubt be a great achievement for you. But using only those publicity methods which are commonly known and used by most business people sounds extremely backdated. However, while using Instagram, you will find most companies publicizing their products on this platform. The more you surf, pages after pages of products and their endorsements, followed by hundreds of followers will come to the limelight!

If you want to know all those major techniques including the existing and latest, read on.

Major techniques of getting real Instagram followers

Advertisement in magazines and newspapers

The more marketing methods you choose for your product, the more are the chances of gaining followers. Giving advertisements in magazines and newspapers with website link and info of Instagram account can help you get potential followers. With present technical age, maximum people will jump to your Instagram page to know about your product.

Contests and prizes

Who does not love contests and winning prizes? And if you can utilize this strategy, then bingo! You can easily draw a large number of followers to your Instagram account. When you actually give away prizes, your followers will definitely mention that in the comment section, which in addition is free publicity, leading to more real followers.

Linking with Facebook page and ads

Facebook is till date the most highly used social media platforms since 2004. Setting up a Facebook page and linking it up to your Instagram page is undoubtedly an excellent method to increase real Instagram followers. With Facebook ads, you can direct the users to your Instagram page and see the follower count rising.

Getting real Instagram followers from famous Instagram accounts

Getting Instagram shout outs from famous celebs and product accounts is definitely an inexpensive option. In my case, I usually go for Instagram accounts that have more than 100,000 followers. As experts say, if you make a close check on such accounts’ followers, you are bound to get a minimum of 15,000 followers who may have interest regarding your type of product. If those profiles fit on your requirement, send them an email asking to place your shout out post.

  1. The real deal – The latest effective strategy

Although these methods are effective to increase followers in your Instagram account, but are long time processes. What if you get one of the best alternatives which generate quick results? You would definitely rush to grab it! And that real deal is buying real Instagram followers from certain authentic companies who sell at affordable prices. Such companies act as a marketing alternative to your Instagram account, hiking up your follower base. These company websites offer you Instagram compliant marketing without any requirement of admin password.

Once a friend, an expert in this field as well, suggested me buying real followers on Instagram that can give an instant boost to my business. Listening to her and following few top methods, my Instagram page has more than 60,000 followers now!

From websites of such companies, you can also make your choice of the number of real Instagram followers which can fit both in your pocket as well as your requirement. Don’t just stay back. When you have such options and reputed companies who offer you real followers at prices as low as $15, make use of those for maximum benefit!